Aeroelastic oscillations of a delta wing with bonded piezoelectric strips in supersonic flow

  • D. Mateescu
  • A. K. Misra
  • S. Shrivastava


Aeroelastic oscillations of a delta wing are studied under the combined effects of unsteady supersonic aerodynamic loading and voltages applied to bonded piezoelectric strips. The delta wing is modelled as a cantilevered triangular plate undergoing small transverse oscillations. A hybrid analytical-numerical method is developed for the unsteady supersonic aerodynamics of the wing in order to determine the pressure distribution and the generalized aerodynamic forces on the wing. Transient and harmonic responses of the wing, in the presence of piezoelectric strips, are calculated for both with and without aerodynamic loading. It is found that the aeroelastic oscillations can be effectively reduced by applying particular combinations of voltages in a small number of piezoelectric strips. It is observed that piezoelectric actuators aligned with the span direction are more effective than the chord-aligned piezoelectric actuators, which produce little or no reduction in oscillations.