Hydromagnetic convective flow past a porous vertical plate with constant heat flux and heat sink

  • Kangkan Choudhury University of Science and Technology Meghalaya
  • Suman Agarwalla


An analytical study of heat and mass transfer in MHD convective flow past an infinite plate, through a porous media in existence of radiation, thermal diffusion effect and heat sink has been accomplished. A uniform strength of magnetic field is utilized transversely in the fluid region. The originality of the present work is to examine the thermal diffusion effect on the flow incidents in the presence of heat sink and thermal radiation. The principal equations are solved by perturbation technique to get statements for velocity, temperature, and concentration fields. The influence several physical quantities on the flow domain are studied graphically and in tabular form. The current results have been compared with the existing results under some cases and it has been found that the findings of the present study are consistent with the prior findings.