Intelligent home: Automating amenities and assuring security features using raspberry Pi

  • Muskan Agarwal CSE Department, MIT, Moradabad
  • Richa Saxena CSE Department, MIT, Moradabad
  • Aishwariya Katyal CSE Department, MIT, Moradabad
  • Jafri-Al- Ayaan CSE Department, MIT, Moradabad
  • Jyotsana Bharti CSE Department, MIT, Moradabad


In recent times as there has been a continuous growth in technology and automation, human wants to get benefited through this. Intelligent Home is a pure example of technical innovation and automation. All the sensors, software, and hardware that are being used in the intelligent home are simple to work upon individually, but it is very hard to connect all these together to make them possible for Intelligent Home. All the different modules are connected together in such a way that home residents can easily operate the gadgets. The approach of Home Automation is achieving popularity as it upholds in reducing human attempt and errors thus enhancing the accuracy. Raspberry pi and Arduino are the most important parts as all the sensors which are used will be integrated with Raspberry pi and Arduino. The Finger-print R307 sensor which used optical method to detect finger-print and PIR sensor which generally detects the motion of the surroundings and LDR sensor which detects light and works according to it. The use of Cayenne adds the additional security to the model which is used for the remote monitoring of the home. Everyone can be benefitted by this Intelligent Home.