Attitude and orbit control of a solar sail spacecraft by changing re?ectivity of its elements

  • Roman Khabibullin Samara University
  • Olga Starinova Samara National Research University


A noncoplanar controlled heliocentric ?ight to Venus of a non-perfectly re?ecting solar sail spacecraft is considered. The aim of the heliocentric ?ight is to get a spacecraft into Hill sphere of Venus with zero hyperbolic excess velocity. The paper considers a mathematical model of motion around center of mass. An algorithm has been developed for applying the locally optimal control laws for the fastest change of the osculating elements. Solar sail orientation is controlled by thin-?lm control elements arranged along solar sail surface perimeter. Flight trajectory, control program and required parameters of thin-?lm control elements are obtained as a result of motion simulation.

Author Biography

Olga Starinova, Samara National Research University

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Head of Flight Dynamics and Control Systems Department of Samara National Research University