Control chaos strategy applied to a free-joint nonholonomic manipulator

  • Angelo M. Tusset
  • Mauricio A. Ribeiro
  • Wagner B. Lenz
  • Jos'e M. Balthazar


The nonlinear dynamics has attracted recent interest of researchers in robotics. The nonlinear movement mechanism is related to many theoretical and practical arguments, such as the control of mobile robots, robots reorienting the body and others. Robotic manipulators with two joints with the second joint free is one of the simplest mechanical systems where you can find such effects and, to this end, make necessary apparatuses for establishing joint control active. In this paper, we propose the control of a robotic system with two degrees of freedom with chaotic behavior (homoclinic scene). Studied problem was based in the two-joint planar manipulator, where an appropriate control input is applied to the actuated first joint and the second joint free is resides in the horizontal plane. Numerical simulations demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy, including parametric errors.