Discrete linear Sylvester repetitive process

  • Venkata Sundaranand Putcha


Repetitive Processes are a special class of dynamical systems which involve propagation of information in two independent directions that are having theoretical importance and practical
relevance. Discrete Sylvester systems have applications in control theory, optimal filters, system theory, differential games, power systems and signal processing. So considering repetitive processes described by discrete Sylvester systems is an interesting problem because of applicability. These sys-
tems can not be controlled by conventional system theoretic approach. Long wall cutting problems, metal rolling operations, Iterative learning control (ILC) schemes and iterative algorithms for solving non linear optimal control problems are some of the important applications of Repetitive Processes. This paper characterizes controllability properties to design control schemes based on linear matrix inequality (LMI) for Discrete Linear Sylvester Repetitive Process.