Mathematics of dynamic universe model explain pioneer anomally

  • SNP Gupta
  • JVS Murty
  • SSV Krishna


A new type of tensor mathematics used in Dynamic universe model can be used to solve the Pioneer Anomaly. “The Pioneer anomaly or Pioneer effect is the observed deviation from expectations of the trajectories of various unmanned spacecraft visiting the outer solar system, notably Pioneer 10
and Pioneer 11. Both spacecraft are escaping from the solar system, and are slowing down under the influence of the Sun’s gravity.” as described by Wikipedia. Dynamic universe model of cosmology explains Pioneer anomaly. It shows effectively the acceleration due to gravity of SUN increases towards
SUN, approximately beyond Mercury -4.44202E-07 m/sec2 ; beyond MOON -2.11409E-08 m/sec2 ; beyond Mars -2.11E-08 08 m/sec2 ; beyond Jupiter -2.30844E-05 m/sec2; beyond Saturn -2.44565E-06 m/sec2 ; beyond Uranus -8.91522E-08 m/sec2 and beyond Neptune -4.3E-09 m/sec2.
The negative sign indicates that the force is acting towards SUN in the same direction as SUN’s acceleration due to gravity. These values are approximate and depend not only on distance from SUN to the test particle, but also overall effect of gravitation of near by stars, Milkyway and its center,
globular clusters and Local system.