The relationship of the denaturation temperature and results of PCR

  • Shu Ran
  • Lan Chen
  • Jingyu Wang
  • Zezhao Hua


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) involves sequential cycles composed of three steps. Each step is correlated closely with the reaction temperature. There are some temperatures differences between the actual PCR cycle and the programmed one. The validity of PCR results are influenced remarkably by the temperature differences. The temperature difference was simulated by altering denaturation temperature, and the rela-tion of the denaturation temperature and the false-negative results of PCR were discussed. The results indicate that the denaturation temperature lower than melting temperature (Tm) caused the an analytical approximation for the poor amplification efficiency even the false-negative results of PCR. And the Peyrard-Bishop model is introduced to de-scribe the DNA denaturation transition and its relation with the false-negative results of PCR.

Author Biography

Shu Ran
I come from University of Shanghai Science and Technology Shanghai China. I wish my paper could be published in your periodical. Thank you very much.