A novel formulation for radar cross section prediction of an arbitrarily shaped PEC cavity

  • Ahmad Sabihi


In this paper, a new method and an innovative formula is developed for computing RCS of an arbitrarily shaped PEC cavity as a typical aircraft intake of one or two branches. The new method is called MSASR (Making Sub Apertures and Symbol Rays). Using MSASR and FDA (Fast Decomposing Algorithm) methods, rays are shot to the apertures and then traced by ray-tracing method & Snell's law until backscatter from the end of the intake and leave the apertures. For each exit ray, magnetic currents are substituted into the radiation integral by physical optics approximations. Finally, computed are the backscattered far field and the entire RCS of one or two branched intake. The new method works easier than old methods and the formulation is more practical than the others. Also, the various figures of the intakes of one and two branches have been represented. Some experimental works show good agreement with the theoretical results in this paper.