Stability analysis of a mathematical model for coronavirus spread

  • Vinay Verma Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University


In this article, we develop a mathematical model considering susceptible, infected, hospitalized and the recovered classes as in case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In this circumstance, mathematical models are a vital tool to make use of an imposing strategy in order to fight against this pandemic. We obtained the
positivity and boundedness of solutions. Also, we compute the basic reproduction number threshold, we study the local and global stability analysis of equilibria to scrutinize its epidemiological relevance. The Reproduction number is brief in less than or greater than one, and it effectively controlling the COVID-19 infection outbreak. Our model delineate the various transmission route in the infection dynamics, and exertion the role of the environmental reservoir in the transmission and dispersion of this disease. The numerical simulations is calculated to help the theoretical outcomes.