A mathematical modelling for treatment of HPV associated cervical cancer: NK and effector T cell based control study

  • Sudip Chakraborty
  • Amar Debbouche
  • Priti Kumar Roy


This article deals with a mathematical model on cervical cancer dynamics at cellular level to describe the interactions between Cancerous cell, Natural killer cell (NK), Effector T cell and Human Papilloma virus. Our body immune system is capable to kill the cancer cells and Natural killer (NK), Effector T cells, are ultimately responsible for eradicating cervical cancer which is entirely induced by a virus, the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The qualitative analysis of the important parameters and the stability of each possible steady states is described in this article. The theoretical and numerical outcomes have been supported through experimental data from different literatures. Furthermore, we have used autologous immune enhancement therapy (AIET) as an optimal control strategy to enhance the power of NK cells and Effector T cells which helps to eradicate the cancer more quickly.