Stability result for a nonlinear damping porous-elastic system with delay term

  • Houssem Eddine Khochemane Ecole Normale Superieure d'Enseignement Technologique de Skikda, Azzaba 21001, Skikda-Algeria
  • Salah Zitouni Souk Ahras University B.P 1553 Souk Ahrass 41000-Algeria
  • Lamine Bouzettouta University 20 August 1955, BP 26, Route dÂ’El Hadaiek-Skikda 21000-Algeria


In this paper, we considered a one dimensional porous-elastic system with a delay term and nonlinear damping term. We estabilished the well-posedness via the semi group theory and we showed the general decay of the solution for the case of equal speed of wave propagation in the two equations of the system.