Multi-objective Fuzzy Design of a Lateral Autopilot for a Quasi-Linear Parameter Varying Missile

  • Antonios Tsourdos
  • Evan J. Hughes
  • Brian A. White


Gain scheduled control is one very useful control technique for linear parameter-varying (LPV) and nonlinear systems. A disadvantage of gainscheduled control is that it is not easy to design a controller that guarantees the global stability of the closed-loop system over the entire operating range from the theoretical point of view. Another disadvantage is that the interpolation increases in complexity as number of scheduling parameters increases. As an improvement, this paper presents a gain-scheduling control technique, in which fuzzy logic is used to construct a model representing a quasi-LPV or a nonlinear missile and to perform a control law. The fuzzy inference system is generated using a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm to optimise the performance characteristics of the plant.