The pseudospectral Legendre method for solving the HIV infection model of CD4+T cells

Solving the HIV infection model of CD4+T cells

  • Kourosh Parand Shahid Beheshti University
  • Fatemeh Mirahmadian
  • Mehdi Delkhosh


In this paper, the Pseudospectral Legendre (PL) method is presented to approximate the solution of the HIV infection model of CD4+T cells. The method is based on the Lagrangian interpolation and the zeros of Legendre polynomial. Using the proposed method, the given system of three differential equations is converted into a system of algebraic equations. By solving the system of the algebraic equations, the unknown coefficients are computed and then the approximate solutions are obtained. The main aim of this paper is to demonstrate the PL method, and a comparison is made with the existing methods in the literature.