A tree topology network environment analysis under reliability approach

  • Kuldeep Nagiya
  • Mangey Ram
  • Ayush Kumar Dua


In this work, the performance of a tree topology has been discussed.  A tree topology is a collection of star topology, arranged in hierarchical order. Different hierarchy is arranged in such a way that it should provide greater control and easier troubleshooting. In the simplest form only hub devices connect directly to the tree bus. An active and a passive hub are connected with n computer systems. If the passive hub has failed, then the system is degraded but the active hub has failed, then the system is completely failed mode. Similarly, if one of the computer systems have failed, then the system is degraded.  By using the Markov process, the supplementary variable technique and the Laplace transformation, the transition state probabilities, up and down state probabilities, reliability and mean time to failure and sensitivity analysis of the designed tree topology network have been evaluated.