Introduction to a scientific foundation of complexity, holism, sustainability

  • A. Sengupta


This paper is a soft introduction to a scientific foundation
of complexity, holism, and sustainability based on the tools of ChaNoXity developed earlier. The distinguishing feature of complexity that can well be taken as its defining attribute is the collaborative homeostasy of its component antagonistic parts. This competitive-collaboration manifests itself through the nonlinearity of periodic points and limit cycles as induced by the thermodynamics of bidirectional Cause$\,\rightleftarrows\,$Effect feedback between the adversaries. Sustainability is a sub-class of complexity where the thermodynamics of $\rightleftarrows$ meshes seamlessly with its evolutionary dynamics, the cohabitation of individualism$\,\rightleftarrows\,$collectivism exergic growth and entropic allocation generating the emergence and self-organization of patterns and structures that are without parallel in the reductionist world of Newtonian science.