Host Pathogen Interactions with Recovery Rate using Fractional-Order Derivative: A Mathematical Approach

  • Priti Kumar Roy Jadavpur University


With the foremost spotlight on the host-pathogen connections, research in the field of infected population and its subsequent recovery is intended for mounting how the immune structure defends against the infectious diseases. Host-Pathogen interactions are the mathematical prototypes pertaining to epidemiology and these are of enormous importance in view of the appearance and recurrence of epidemiological diseases in the days to come of global perspective. In this research article we extend the work of \cite{priti} and incorporate the fractional-order differential equations into the mathematical model of host-pathogen interactions with effect of recovery for infected population to study the effect of it on the system dynamics. Analytical study on the basis of stability analysis with fractional derivative is observed. Furthermore, numerical illustration through FDE12 method is furnished. It is an implementation of the predictor-corrector method of Adams-Bashforth-Moulton which has been applied for solving the fractional-order differential equations to support the analytical results.

Author Biography

Priti Kumar Roy, Jadavpur University

Department of Mathematics

Associate Professor