A note on neutrosophic-beta^hat G-closed and open sets

  • J.R. Sujithra Government Arts College, Ooty-643002, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • N. Chandramathi Government Arts College, Udumalpet-642126, Tamil Nadu, India.


The concept of neutrosophic was introduced by Smarandache \cite{3} in [1998] depends on the three basic components which are the degree of membership, the degree of non-membership and the indeterminacy. Salama \cite{7} extended the above concept in $\eta$-topology. This was a good start to the researchers in the $\eta$-topological field. V. Venkateswara Rao and Y. Srinivasa Rao \cite{9} introduced $N$-preclosed set in $\eta$-topology. D. Jayanthi \cite{5} introduced $N$-$\alpha$-$G$ closed sets in $\eta$-topology. In this stream we introduce $\eta$-$\hat{\beta}G$-closed and open sets in $\eta$-topology. Further we analyze its characterizations and properties with exact examples.