Lars-Erik Persson - the remarkably broad and innovative mathematician and unique Pers(s)on

  • Dag Lukkassen
  • Annette Annette


We laconically describe the contribution of Lars-Erik Persson to mathematical research and postgraduate studies. In particular, we describe and give examples of his innovative and great contributions to the following areas: Fourier analysis (or more generally harmonic analysis), interpolation theory, homogenization theory, Hardy type inequalities, convexity and inequalities, and applied mathematics together with a brief description of his historical and didactic related contributions. Moreover, we will describe and give concrete examples of his unique way to work together with Ph.D. students both before and sometimes also after their exams. Finally, we will shortly describe his remarkable "class travel" from a small village in north Sweden to finally become the broad, innovative and powerful mathematician he obviously is regarded to be today. We also refer to the article [A] about Lars-Erik as a great person and great mathematician, which was published in a journal issue dedicated to his 65th anniversary. We essentially update, complement and broaden the information given in [A] especially in the part concerning Lars-Erik Persson's contributions to mathematical research and Ph.D. education.