Harvesting and refugia control chaos-conclusion drawn from a tri-trophic food chain

  • Krishna Pada Das Mahadevananda Mahavidyalaya Department Of Mathematics Monirampore P.O.-Barrackpore Kol-120
  • Kulbhushan Agnihotri
  • Harpreet Kaur


In the present work, our thought process is to investigate the effect of harvesting and refugia on the dynamics of a continuous-time tri-trophic food chain model. To peruse these features we have explored the local stability behavior of various equilibrium points. Conditions for Hopf-bifurcation and persistence have been inferred. Extensive numerical simulation work has been performed to reveal the dynamics of the system. Simulation results exhibit the chaotic dynamics of the system when the value of the half-saturation constant is increased. Further, it is established that the chaotic behavior is controlled by increasing the harvesting parameter value. Again, the chaotic behavior is observed to be controlled by increasing the value of the refugia parameter. Thus we infer that harvesting and refugia parameters can be used to restrain the chaotic dynamics of the model system.