Computing topological indices and polynomials of some nanostar dendrimers

  • P. Venkata Subba Reddy
  • Deepakkumar V. Gupta
  • Aakanksha Here


Topological index is a numeric parameter obtained from the molecular graphs and is used in the study of quantitative structure property relationships (QSPR) and quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR). Dendrimers are synthetic 3-dimensional, highly branched, monodisperse macromolecules and are considered a building block in nanotechnology with a variety of suitable applications. In this paper, we compute hyper-Zagreb index, first multiple Zagreb index, second multiple Zagreb index, first Zagreb polynomial and the second Zagreb polynomial of three infinite classes of nanostar dendrimers, namely $NS_3$[$n$], $NS_4$[$n$] and $NS_5$[$n$].