Between nano-closed and nano semi-closed

  • P. Sathishmohan
  • V. Rajendran
  • S. Brindha
  • P.K. Dhanasekaran


The purpose of this paper is to define the notions of nano strong semi-closed set, nano strong semi-continuity and nano contra strong semi-continuity in nano topological spaces and discuss some of their properties. Also, the notion of $NC$-set, $Nic$-set, $ND(c,s)$-set, $ND(c,p)$-set, $ND(c,ps)$-set, $ND(c,\alpha)$-set and nano strong $B$-set are introduced and investigated. Further we define, nano $C$-continuous, nano $A$-continuous, nano $ic$-continuous, nano strongly $B$-continuous, nano weakly-continuous, nano weak*-continuous, $ND(c,p)$-continuous, $ND(c,s)$-continuous, $ND(c,ps)$-continuous and $ND(c,\alpha)$-continuous and study the relationships between them and other existing continuities.
Further, we have given an appropriate examples to understand the abstract concept clearly.