Fuzzy largest cost entry method of transportation problem using heptagonal fuzzy numbers

  • P. Rajarajeswari
  • M. Sangeetha


Fuzzy minimized of transportation time   is applied to obtain the initial transportation cost time  problem, classification, and  fuzzy item  time  considered. In this manuscript, we introduce a fuzzy Largest cost entry  method  by using  problems like the cost minimizing  problems. In this writing, a fuzzy transportation  algorithm   developed  and  applied to obtain an  initial basic feasible solution of transportation in minimizing transportation  time. The developed  method  has  also been  present the railway  goods  train  problem  as the problem of finding  a new schedule of trains  shipping time  after one or several  incidents by minimizing  some measure of  the effect,   transportation   problem representation of generalized fuzzy number and crisp of fuzzy number. We also discuss the time  of the fuzzy data comparable  to another fuzzy transportation methods.