Line clipping in 3D (E^3 ) when clip window is in a 3D region enclosed by coordinate planes and an intercepting plane

  • Sushil Chandra Dimri Graphic Era deemed to be University Dehradun
  • Bhawnesh Kumar Graphic Era deemed to be University Dehradun
  • Mangey Ram Graphic Era deemed to be University Dehradun


3D Clipping is one of the important problem in computer graphics (3D visualization). 3D clipping generally of cuboid shape but it is not compulsory, it may be in any 3D shape. It is clear that if the shape of clip window is complex then clipping would also be complicated. Lines which we want to clip would be in 3D space; which makes clipping more complex and difficult. This paper suggests a clipping method to clip the line with respect to a specific clip window. Where boundaries of clip window are the coordinate plane and an intercepting plane. This proposed algorithm use parametric equation line and compute point of intersections of line with boundaries of clip window and protect those point which lies in or on clip window. The proposed algorithm in this paper is less complex simple algorithm.