Two dimensional mathematical modelling with continuously dumped pollutants in aquifer

  • Reshma Rajesh Malan Government Engineering College, Valsad
  • Narendrasinh Desai


The two-dimensional mathematical modelling has been developed with continuously dumped pollutant in aquifer. The medium of transport has been assumed finite and heterogeneous. The non-uniform and steady groundwater flow through the aquifer has been taken into consideration for the present study. Pollutants are continuously dumped at the source point. At the extreme boundary flux is assumed zero. Initially, the concentration of pollutant at various places has been assumed exponentially decreasing in longitudinal and transversal directions. The impact of increasing and decreasing nature of non-uniform flow has been presented through two cases of the present research. The two-dimensional governing equations have been analytically solved using Laplace transform variational iteration method (LVIM). Mathematica package is used for graphical representation.