On solvability of iterative systems of nonlinear p-Laplacian fractional boundary value problems


The main goal of this study is to seek optimal eigenvalue intervals of ?1,?2, · · · ,?n?1,?n for which the iterative system of Riemann–Liouville type nonlinear p-Laplacian fractional boundary value problems has positive solutions under appropriate conditions. To demonstrate the positivity of solutions to these kinds of problems in a Banach space, we present an example as our conclusion.

Author Biographies

Boddu Muralee Bala Krushna, MVGR College of Engineering (Autonomous)

Senior Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics 

V.V.R.R.B. Raju, MVGR College of Engineering(Autonomous)

Dr. V.V.R.R.B. Raju
Department of Mathematics,
MVGR College of Engineering(Autonomous),
535 005, India,
e-mail: vvrrbraju@gmail.com

K.R. Prasad, Andhra University

Dr. K.R. Prasad
Department of Applied Mathematics,
Andhra University,
530 003, India
e-mail: rajendra92@rediffmail.com