Impact of variable gravity on rotating convection in a porous layer with an internal heat source

  • M Venkateshwar Rao
  • . Lokapavani
  • Ravi Ragoju
  • Kiran Kumar Paidipati
  • Christophe Chesneau Universit√© de Caen-Normandie


The joint influence of the Coriolis effect and variable gravity field on the stability of convective phenomena in a porous layer is investigated numerically in presence of a heat source. Three types of gravity variations, such as linear, parabolic, and cubic functions are considered. For linear theory, the method of normal modes has been employed to solve governing dimensionless equations which led to an eigenvalue problem. The effects of the internal heat source parameter ($Q$), gravity variation parameter ($\delta$), and Taylor number ($Ta$) on the stability of the system are investigated. It is found that the onset of convection is delayed by increasing Taylor number and gravity variation parameter. The system becomes more stable for linear variation and less stable for cubic variation.