A heuristic approach for pre-configured cycle protection with optimal wavelength converters

  • Vidhi Gupta Teacher Fellow HBTU Kanpur
  • Rachna Asthana Professor HBTU Kanpur


The protection of wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) networks can be achieved very successfully by pre-configured protection cycles (\textit{p}-cycles). In these networks there is requirement of 100\% wavelength conversion for working paths as well as for \textit{p}-cycle protection paths requiring wavelength converters at every node. As wavelength converter is costly device so there is a need to use them efficiently. In this paper, we propose a heuristic approach of Optimal Wavelength Converter for \textit{p}-Cycle (OWCP) to choose \textit{p}-cycles with optimal wavelength converters. The developed algorithm gives cost effective solution of protecting WDM network using \textit{p}-cycles with lesser number of converters. It reduces the optimization complexity and provides effective solution with reduction in computational time.