Model predictive control, study the effect of prediction and control horizon using LabVIEW

  • Ammar Ramdani Center for Development of Advanced Technologies (CDAT)
  • M Traiche Center for Development of Advanced Technologies (CDAT),\\ OP17, City 20 August 56, Baba Hassen 16303, Algiers, Algeria


n this work, a development study of the effect and influence of different prediction and control horizon parameters of the advanced Model Predictive Control approach using the Control Design of LabVIEW software is presented. This study is applied on a dynamic Process to examine the design efficiency for a variable and constant trajectory. The simulation results of the implementation of the proposed MPC approach in LabVIEW reveal that the higher the prediction horizon values the faster and the better response performances in return for higher control action, a compromise is required. While the smaller control horizon values the better response performance. The simulation of this process using LabVIEW software permits to know the characteristics of their dynamic, and create an MPC controller to reach, with accuracy, the required dynamic characteristics.