Magneto rheological damper in semi-active vehicle suspension system using SDRE control for a half car model

  • Maria Aline Gonc¸alves Gonc¸alves
  • Wagner Barth Lenz
  • Mauricio A. Ribeiro
  • Angelo Marcelo Tusset
  • Jose Manoel Balthazar


This paper presents a half car model assuming a nonlinear model allowing a rigorous analysis of the efficiency and stability of the proposed control through computational simulations. This paper shows a proposal for the control of vehicle suspension system using a State-Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE) controller applied to the magneto rheological damper. In this study the damping is increase by a magneto rheological damper whose behaviour is adapted to the disturbances to which it is submitted. The efficiency of the proposed control can be evidenced through computational simulations using a half car nonlinear mathematical model. The analysis of the controller's performance is analyzed considering the excitation caused by irregularities of the road represented by a step type input with vary amplitude. Computational simulations were performed using Matlab®. The simulation results show that the proposed control improves the vehicle's dirigibility by reducing the vertical displacement of by $13.15\%$ the wheel and also contributes to the passengers' comfort by reducing oscillations in the vehicle's body $22.60 \%$.