Neuro-fuzzy controller apply on inverted pendulum on a cart

  • Wagner B. Lenz
  • Angelo M. Tusset
  • Mauricio A. Ribeiro
  • Alexandre C. Alves
  • Adriano Kossoski
  • Jos'e M. Balthazar


The inverted pendulum on a cart is a classic example of a dynamics problem and a bench mark for controller performance. The inverted pendulum represents daily elements, from the human body balance trough the helmet-less motorbike. Despite been a well know model, the linear inverted model suffers on accuracy with big displacements. On the other hand, the nonlinear model is complex and difficult to control. In this paper, an investigation on the controllability performance of the SDRE control and neuro-fuzzy as a controller an observer on a linear inverted pendulum will be investigated.