Failure in complex network of airport

  • M. A. Ribeiro
  • Sandro E. S. Pinto
  • D. G. Bortolini
  • W. B. Lenz
  • J. M. Balthazar
  • A. M. Tusset


We investigate a complex structure that represents the behavior of the American airports flight connections in the occurrence of failures. These failures can be caused by weather phenomena such as storms or blizzards. In this way, we analyze the behavior of the structure through these faults and calculate the topological properties of the structure. We cause three types of faults in the structure, the first is following the sequence of connectivity (degree sequence) in a decreasing way. The second, was following the Betweenness centrality sequence of structure, this sequence provides the importance of the element given the paths that structure. And a third was to choose the elements randomly and causing the fault. Thus, we calculate the global efficiency, the transitivity, the assortative and the structural entropy.