Energetic fluctuation expansion in quantum evolvers dynamics from the new extended form of probabilistic evolution theoretical (PREVTH) perspective

  • Berfin Kalay


This paper is about the Quantum Evolver Dynamics which is based  on the Poisson Bracket algebra over the basic quantum operators for a univariate system whose potential function is analytic or  at most having polar singularity with a finite multiplicity in  the position operator. Paper is devoted to the formulation of  the evolver (temporally varying operator describing the evolution of a given operator) dynamics. The basic aim is to expand any given evolver to a fluctuation expansion with respect to the fluctuation in the Hamiltonian of the system. We reveal the relation of this (energetic) fluctuation expansion coefficient operators with the probabilistic evolution theoretical telescopic Kronecker power series which have been quite recently extended pretty much, for the isolated systems. Paper does not contain any illustration because of the concreteness in what we have developed here.